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*Speeds up to 15 Mbps available on the Business plans.

Are you out in the country and being bogged down by a slow, outdated dial up connection just to go on Facebook or check your e-mail? Then maybe it's about time you considered switching to a high speed business cable internet providers connection from DG Micro. Both are lightning fast cable internet services that can easily beat anything your dial up service can do. This means you can download, upload, watch videos on Youtube, stream music and get better browsing all without having to wait every time you want to connect to the cable internet by dialing in and hearing loud, scratching sounds. Much better! But if you are looking at your options carefully, there are a few other things to consider. One thing you can do is wait and hope that cable internet arrives someday even if you live very far out. For a lot of people, this is just not a good option as they have already been waiting for many years and are still settling for the dial up service they had years ago when they first started using the cable internet. This is no good regardless of how you slice it. Is Satellite Faster Than DSL? Maybe you don't have a dial up connection. Maybe you are fortunate enough to have something a little faster than that but still not up to par with the 21st century, namely DSL business internet service. This is a good option as well because it is on 24 7 but it is still not as fast as the cable internet service you can get. High speed business internet is not high speed on just about any DSL connection due to the anatomy of the lines being so outdated. With DSL, you can only go so far. Most DSL connections are around 3 Mbps down at the very most. With satellite, you can get speeds of up to 15 Mbps down. This is a huge difference. That means that a file that would take an hour to download on DSL would only take around 12 minutes to download on a satellite business internet connection. This means you spend less time waiting and you can get right to enjoying the file you wanted without interruption with a cable internet package. Is High Speed Satellite business internet Faster Than Cable Internet? This is a tough question to answer because the two have very different technologies and on some levels it can go either way. Most of the time they are around the same speeds for just about everything. When it comes to high speed business internet, cable is the most popular choice and for obvious reasons, but satellite has speeds similar to cable that are available in your area without having to wait for the companies to finally lay the lines you need to enjoy their service. Satellite business internet can go up to 15 Mbps on most services. This is about as fast as cable can go as well without getting a large, dedicated line custom installed to your server. If cable is available in your area, it might be a better fit than satellite. If cable internet service is available but cable is not, satellite internet is most definitely the best and fastest choice you can pick compared to Time Warner Cable Internet. $0 Up Front For Installation If you are on the fence, why not try the service before you have to pay a dime? After all, satellite business internet from Business or DG Micro are available without any money due up front. You can get set up with your service without having to pay for equipment or installation. Don't waste money up front, try your service first and then pay for it after you've gotten used to it!

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